Innovation and Technology in Rehabilitation Medicine Conference

We are cordially inviting you to attend the Innovation and Technology in Rehabilitation Medicine Conference that will be held on 27th – 28th February,  2020 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. 
The theme for this year is “Exploring Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality in Rehabilitation Medicine,  that will focus on innovation in Rehabilitation Medicine through recent research and clinical advances and novel tools and technologies. The conference includes multidisciplinary engagement from renowned academic researchers, clinical practitioners  and industrial entrepreneurs/stakeholders.
The program emphasizes a strong scientific and clinical content with great interest  for physicians, biomedical engineers, physiotherapists, rehabilitation specialists and various professionals in the field of medical rehabilitation.
The meeting will offer a superb opportunity for physicians and medical professionals to share best practices, network with colleagues and strengthen clinical collaborations.
We look forward in welcoming you to this conference.

Dr. Kinda Khalaf
Conference Chairman
Associate Chair, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Khalifa University Main Campus

Dr. Mohammed Abuelkhair
Conference Co-Chairman
Chief Executive Officer

Health and Style Medical Centre