Al Ain Nursing Care Conference 2019

Welcome to the Al Ain Nursing Care Conference 2019

On behalf of the organizing committee, we would like to invite you to attend the Al Ain Nursing Care Conference with the theme of “Implementing Realistic and Practical Strategies Towards Optimum Nursing Care” on 15th February 2019 at Danat Al Ain Resort, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi.

The conference aims to promote the role of nurses in the application of quality care and achieving the optimal patient satisfaction. It will discuss the importance of implementing effective, realistic and practical strategies that are beneficial to the employee, patient and the facility. It will cover the eminence of Nursing as profession in the Emirates and how healthcare management is pivotal in elevating patient experience.

Nursing is an important part in the provision of healthcare. By providing high level nursing services it will enhance the level of healthcare provided to the patients in medical facilities, emphasizing on the fact that nursing staff are equally as important as the doctors and the other medical technicians in completing the cycle of care.