International Clinical Pharmacy Conference


Topics include medicines optimization practices, role of clinical pharmacist in optimizing medicine in peri-operative surgical setting, optimizing medicine for patient with myocardial infarction, improving medication adherence in pulmonary medicine focus on asthma and cystic fibrosis patient and optimizing medicine with special focus on PCSK9 inhibitors. The conference will feature Dr. Rani Khatib who run a clinical pharmacy medicine optimization cardiology clinics who demonstrated a great impact on improving patient experience, creating capacity in cardiology OP clinics, reducing waiting time from discharge to first outpatient cardiology review, improving persistence to secondary prevention medicines at 10-12 months post discharge, identifying non-adherence to secondary prevention medicines, optimizing secondary prevention medicines and beyond, , addressing problems patients having with their medicines, supporting standard services and reducing re-admission compared to the previous year & saving costs. The event will provide session in improving pharmacy research and submitting abstract, articles in publication. You have the opportunity to submit your abstract where all accepted abstract will be published in Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice and meet the editor-in-chief during the conference, Professor Zaheer Babar. There will be a special session for pharmacists who are considering post graduate education, Master or PhD degree, in the United Kingdom (what are options available, admission criteria, length, how to apply and costs) Please visit the website for more details. You can share it to your colleague and join us in this event. Dr. Mohammed Abuelkhair Chief Executive Officer, MCO
Dr. Mohammed Abuelkhair
Chief Executive Officer, MCO

Peri-Operative Medicines Optimization for Elective  Surgery Patients - Pharmacist Led Clinic / Services.
Pharmacists delivering tailored person-centered care in General Practice & Community Pharmacy.
Consultant-Pharmacist Led Post Myocardial Infarction Medicines Optimization.
Consultant-Pharmacist Led PCSK9 Inhibitors Medicines Optimization Clinic.
Post Graduate Pharmacy Education & Research Opportunities in the UK (including opportunities for non-UK pharmacists).
rhani khatib
Dr. Rani Khatib
Consultant Pharmacist in Cardiology & Cardiovascular Research Honorary Senior Lecturer, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, UK

Helen Kilminster
GP Clinical Pharmacist
Whiteacres Medical Centre, Malvern, UK Primary Care Pharmacy Association (PCPA) The Practice Pharmacy Group (PPG) - Vice Chair & South Midlands Lead
Prof. Abduelmula R. Abduelkarem
Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice, University Hospital Sharjah, Sharjah UAE
Dr. Rana Mehdi Ibrahim
Lecturer at the College of Pharmacy
University of Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE
Dr. Osama Hussein Ibrahim    
Associate Professor College of Pharmacy, Pharmacy 
Practice & Pharmacotherapeutics
University of Sharjah
Dr. Abdulrazag Al-Jazairi    
Clinical Pharmacies Role in Saudi Arabia
Dr. Mohammed Abuelkhair
CEO, Health & Style Medical Centre
Ms. Sophie Blow
Advanced Clinical Pharmacist Peri-Operative Medicines Optimisation and Acute Surgery, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, UK
nicola shaw
Ms. Nicola Shaw
Advanced Clinical Pharmacist- Adult Cystic Fibrosis, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, UK
ghalib khan
Ghalib Khan
Cofounder & Director
Written Medicine
ayman noreddin
Prof. Ayman Noreddin
Dean - College of Pharmacy
University of Sharjah, 
Sharjah, UAE
Dr. Tariq Mansoor 
Senior In-Charge Pharmacy Department
University Hospital Sharjah, 
Sharjah UAE
Dr. Lina R. Bader
FIP’s global roadmap for workforce transformation: Developing the clinical pharmacists of the future
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