CARF Workshop 2019
Christine M. Macdonell
Managing Director
Medical Rehabilitation And International Medical Rehabilitation and Aging Services
Chris began her varied career in the health care industry as an occupational therapist after graduating from the University of Southern California. While in California, she became an administrator of a full rehabilitation continuum of care. Chris came to CARF in 1991. She has served as the Managing Director of Medical Rehabilitation and International Medical Rehabilitation and Aging Services during her time with CARF. Chris is a Fellow of the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine. Chris has represented CARF at international, national, regional and local meetings to promote and interpret standards and the use of accreditation as a quality business and clinical strategy throughout the continuum of care.
Di Shen PhD
Chief Research and Quality Improvement Officer
CARF International

Di Shen, PhD is the Chief Research & Quality Improvement Officer for CARF International (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) and has been with CARF since 1997. In this capacity, he spearheads CARF’s accreditation research and quality improvement efforts, performance indicator and outcomes management, and has oversight responsibility for CARF’s internal performance improvement systems and research data infrastructure. He is in charge of the uSPEQ stakeholder feedback surveys, including survey instrument design and development, scale development, field testing and psychometric analysis, benchmark analysis and comparison, and management of the uSPEQ survey services. He is a CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services of the US Department of Health and Human Services) TEP (Technical Expert Panel) member on several committees providing input to identify performance and outcomes measures for rehabilitation programs and long term care programs. He completed his doctoral degree in psychology at the University of Arizona. Dr. Shen has published and presented at national and international conferences and workshops in the areas of performance indicators, outcomes management and performance improvement, psychological measurement and testing, statistics and research methodology, survey design and benchmarking comparisons. He has served on several US and Canadian national committees on measurement methodology and performance indicators.