Al Ain Nursing Care Conference 2019
Laurence Emil Canizares
Operations Manager
Nephro Care Home Hemodialysis

Laurence has received his Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Master of Science in Nursing; Major in Adult Health Nursing in Angeles City, Philippines with the project on Perception and Perspectives of ICU Nurses on Oral Care: A Descriptive Study. He was an ICU Charge Nurse from his home country and became a member of Quality Committee.

In 2015, he joined Florida Home Care as the Assistant Operations Manager. He has trained in Healthcare Quality, Lean Six Sigma, Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP) and experience in project management, clinical operations, and process improvement. He has been involved in training the nurses and team leaders.

Currently, he is the Operations Manager of Nephro Care Home Hemodialysis with commitment in promoting patient safety and quality in home hemodialysis services.
Monica Jacobs
Director of Quality and Patient Safety
Capital Health

Monica Jacobs is an experienced and highly motivated individual with an enviable reputation for identifying quality improvements. She has a clear focus on efficiency and achievement of business objectives. Monica is a quality and performance management expert who combines a creative approach with logical analysis and evaluation, providing solutions to complex problems. She is committed to quality, experienced in risk / hazard techniques and implementation of Environment, Health & Safety management systems, while demonstrating exceptional strategy and planning capabilities. Responsible for establishing a corporate quality improvement system and team that promotes customer satisfaction. A champion of continuous improvement and currently working as Director of Quality, Safety and Performance Improvement for Capital Health, Abu Dhabi.

Mervat Mansour
Director of Quality and Patient Safety
Al Zahra Hospital, Dubai

Mervat is a highly qualified, skilled, innovative and result-oriented professional with more than 15 years of healthcare experience including 8 years at a leadership position overviewing quality and patient safety programs and leading improvement projects. In addition to extended experience at national and international levels in assessing organizational performance, she is expert in quality improvement, risk management, JCIA accreditation, strategic planning, and customer satisfaction at measurement, development and delivery levels.

She finished her Bachelor of Health Sciences degree from the American University of Beirut and completed her Master’s Degree in Quality Management (with Distinction) from Wollongong University. She is expected to finish her Doctorate of Business Administration degree from Swiss Business School in 2018. Currently, she is working as the Director of Quality & Patient Safety at Al Zahra Hospital, Dubai.

Anita Van Niekerk
Nursing Supervisor
Gulf International Medical Services, Abu Dhabi

Anita van Niekerk achieved her Diploma in General Nursing in 1988, Diploma in Midwifery in 1992, Diploma in Psychiatry in 1993 and Diploma in Intensive Care Nursing in 1997 in South Africa.
She has completed her Master’s in Business Administration in June 2015. Anita have been in the UAE since 2006 working at SKMC till 2018. She is currently working as Quality Nurse Supervisor at a home care facility Gulf International Medical Services.
Talar Jean Aynedjian
Nurse Manager, Neurology & Pain Clinics
Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

Talar has received her BSN from St. Joseph University in Beirut and worked in AUBMC for 10 years as senior staff and care coordinator in medical subspecialty, surgical and infectious diseases unit. She has received her Master’s degree in Nursing Administration in 2014 from American University of Beirut. Her graduate project was focused on creating Optimal Healing Environment (OHE) in hospitals.

She has joined CCAD in 2015 as Assistant Nurse Manager for Medical and surgical Inpatient units and moved into the outpatient clinics in 2017 as NM for Neurology and Pain Clinics. She has been with CCAD during the pre-operational phase, helped developed nurses and supported MDT teams in opening new units, getting JCI accreditation and continues to provide CCAD patients world class care while focusing on quality improvement strategies and staff satisfaction. Her leadership style is transformational as she believes in empowering nurses to improve, influence and positively impact on patient experience and staff satisfaction.

Mohammad Zeyad Lutfi Shaban
Clinical Educator
HealthPoint Hospital, Abu Dhabi

Mohammad Shaban, Nurse in profession, currently I’m working as Clinical educator and head of education department in Health point hospital - Abu Dhabi.

As clinical educator I believe that nurses must keep updated with knowledge and skills because the evolution in nursing science and researches, every day is good chance to develop our knowledge and skills by maintaining education for nurses in many ways, from open discussion with nurses, direct observations for nurses skills and knowledge test, cover the nurses gap analysis with Unit managers, Establish educational plans with Nursing administration.

Through my education activity (CME lectures, case presentation, practice demonstration, Conferences, workshops…etc.) I hope that I will be able to have impact in future nursing education, share my clinical expertise and participate in research.

I believe by participating in nursing conferences, the clinical educator will be able to sharing and delivering care-effective, cost effective and performance-effective leadership, prepare front-line leaders, educators and researchers which will have direct and indirect impact on their leadership insights and their achievements.

Ryan Mark Rebeca
Clinical Educator – Training & Development
Emirates Healthcare Group

Ryan is a graduate of Magna Cum Laude in Nursing and has been practicing in various fields of Nursing for more than a decade. He spent most of his clinical years as a nurse in the ICU and ER while overseeing training and development programs. Also during this time, he has reached-out to a number of universities in our locality to teach in classrooms and complete their related learning experience hours. He also took part as a reviewer in a number of centres for nurses and allied health professionals.

Alongside his duties in the floor, the management entrusted to him several supervisory and training functions such as running IV therapy training and emergency preparedness sessions. He had worked with top endocrinologists and their patients as a diabetes educator and has shared his passion through teaching in schools, communities and varying patient groups.

As a nurse supervisor, he was entrusted with previous responsibilities such as supervising audits on nursing procedures and reporting findings to the Management Committee and concerned departments while being one of the frontrunners in JCI Accreditation Survey Process. He developed several programs to identify and nurture potential educators and leaders through preceptorship programs and worked closely with the Chief Nursing Officer and nurse managers in the integration of Learning Management Systems to improve staff competencies and maintain high quality and morale among nurses.

He is a passionate educator involved in on-boarding/competency training and a seasoned lecturer and CME Accreditation Coordinator (HAAD/DHA). He is aligned as an American Heart Association Instructor for almost 4 years and involved in providing first aid and advance life support courses for both clinical and non- clinical professionals and maintains affiliation with Dubai Corporation For Ambulance Services (DCAS) as a Licensed Instructor.