Sleep Medicine Conference 2019

Dear Colleagues,
It is our great pleasure to invite you to attend the Sleep Medicine Conference 2019 on 5th April 2019 at InterContinental Hotel, Abu Dhabi.
The conference will feature sleep disorders and disturbance with normal physical, mental and social functioning and breathing disorders; sleep apnea and its different types; sleep deprivation being either chronic or acute; and sleep therapy to cure sleep disorders.
Disorders and disturbances of sleep are widespread and can have significant consequences for affected individuals as well as economic and other consequences for society. Sleep medicine is devoted to the diagnosis and therapy of sleep related conditions. Management in the varying situations differs greatly and cannot be undertaken without a correct diagnosis.
This event is hosted by MCO, a conference organizing company, specialized in the healthcare community bringing regional and international experts to facilitate medical professionals to meet, network, learn and review the critical challenges facing the industry.

We will be honored if you can join us to this conference.
Dr. Hady Jerdak
Conference Chairman
Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Diseases, Sleep Disorders, Critical Care
Harley Street Medical Center, Abu Dhabi

Dr. Mohammed Al Houqani
Conference Co-Chair
Assistant Dean for Medical Education
UAE University, Abu Dhabi